Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gotta Go

ANOTHER post for today:
I gotta go. We are leaving for my mom's house. She and Clegg (my stepdad) haven't seen Luke and Lea in forever. (Actually, just Lea, they saw Luke in June) We will bring a camera and take some photos. I will upload them to my photo blog when we get back. (Or maybe I can upload them there.) I am taking my laptop so that I can still make daily posts. We will be there for an unsure amount of time. So, give my love to the Jeddi council Siri!

Family Photo

This is the photo of my family. Hon jumped in at the last minute. (What I don't understand is Luke and Hon's joke about bunny ears...)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Fam

Today we got the photo that we took on Wednesday (I mean, it had to develop). I have to go now because the Jeddi council is having our fun night tonight. So, I can't upload it now. To bowling and beyond!

Friday, August 29, 2008

"Like-A-Father" and Son Outing...

Last night, Obi-Won and I went on a father-son outing. I know he isn't my father, but (as I said in the third Episode) "You're like a father to me..." So, he counts! We had a blast, and yes, he let me buy popcorn. We went to the theater (where I bought popcorn), and saw a dumb movie about monkeys dressed up as storm troopers and taking over the world... (I think it was by Wrinkled Arts [same people who made Wading Through Water!]) We went to a Chinese Restaurant afterwards, and ate noodles and drank coke. (For dessert [on Obi-Won] I had Chocolate cake!). Yes, we had a blast as "Like-A-Father" and son!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Council For Fun Night

Last night, the Jeddi council held a council for what to do for a Jeddi fun night this week. We had finally decided on going to a movie when I brought up that I am going Thursday (tonight actually,) with Obi-Won for a "father" son outing. (Unfortunately, I will miss my bass lessons tonight!) (I'm excited about it! Maybe he'll let me have popcorn!) So we finally decided on bowling. That is not what I had in mind! Parcheesi wasn't fair when we did it in July because of force powers! All I know is I'm not betting on who will win like I did last time!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What?! AGAIN?!

What?! AGAIN?! (Oh wait, I already said that!) Anyway, Padmae asked me today why Master Ki-Adi-Mundee called me a while ago. I said that he was telling me that he needed me for the Class Photo 2008 that we would take that day. That the hired photographer was ready and everthing. Padmae said what?! A hired photographer is in the neighborhood?!!! (Me and my big mouth!) She logged onto my photo blog to see the photo. She loved it and said she wanted one of our family. I groaned, and she said, "Ani, why do you always have to complain about the fun stuff I suggest?" I'm sure she was including my ballet in that statement! I sighed (privately), and went to brush my hair. I'll upload the photo to my photo blog when it gets developed, so check daily!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Life So Boring

I really don't have much to write about for a post today. . . I guess my life is just so boring!
The Jeddi council is having their, um, council tomorrow night. I am planning on buying a riding lawnmower on Friday. I am going to a movie with Master Obi-Won on Thursday. (Good "Father" son time...) On Sunday we embark on a trip to my mom(Shmee) and dad (clegg)'s house (don't worry, I am bringing my laptop so I can make daily posts)...
Yep...I never do anything new......

Monday, August 25, 2008

Riding Lawnmower!

Wednesday we are having a Jeddi council to determine what we are going to do for our Jeddi fun night this week.  I don't care if my vote for a party does not go over well.  The only thing I hope is that my vote to NOT have a Parcheesi night will be agreed with by all.  Due to my last experience, I do not like Parcheesi as much...
Great news!  Padmae is letting me buy a riding lawn mower!  I feel like I am getting too old to be pushing one around the yard (I'm 42, it says so on my profile!).  I think I will get a John Smear one.  They are the best!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Summer Break?...Aww Man!

Tomorrow is the day that summer break ends for me. I start Jeddi homework all over again. I just hope master Wendu doesn't assign as much as he did before. I know Padmae will be happy I am out of the house and I will be quitting finding dust all over her furniture just because I'm bored. One good thing though, the Jeddi council will be having a meeting on Wednesday night to figure out what to do for our Jeddi fun night this week. I will suggest a party (with lots of desserts!). Master Obi-Won said yesterday that I could start having more desserts!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Class Photo 2008 (Taken!)

Yesterday, we took the "Class Photo 2008". After I did my post for the day, I started practicing some guitar chords like I said, and then Master Ki-Adi-Mundee called me. He said he finally got it worked out. (You know, when we would be able to get all the Jeddi together to take a photo). I was happy for him...until he told me to come right away because that was the only time in the next millennium that the whole Jeddi council would be able to get together. So I drove over there, and we took the photo.

From left to right: Master Wendu, Master Yoduh, Master Quigone (bad hair day), Master Tu-Sheeshkabob, Me (another bad hair day), Master Obi-Won, and Master Siri (good hair day, but looks like she's planning something).

So, that's the photo. Oh, by-the-bye, I now have an e-photo album. You can look at it at

Friday, August 22, 2008

Look, Stare, ADMIRE!

Last night, I had my second Bass lesson.  As I said before, I brought my new bass.  All the guys liked it.  (I also got the idea that Wedgie was green with envy!)  Anyway, Mr. Pracket said he probably would have picked something a little less "exciting", but he complimented me on my decision (company-wise).  He is a huge fan of Bender guitars.  I got a Bender Fatocaster.  I have to go and practice some of the chords he taught me.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I can't wait 'till tonight!  I am dying to show all the guys at my bass class the bass I bought on Saturday!  I think my instructor (Mr. Pracket) will be impressed.  (I mean, he only has boring colored basses like blue and red.  But nothing like mine...)
I don't think I could be called a show-off, I'm just really enthusiastic is all...
There are 4 guys in my class (besides me) Caleb (a quiet guy), Tu-San (a hyper alien), Mac (a big guy who has trouble remembering certain things Mr. Pracket tells him) and Wedge (a kid about Luke's age, I call him Wedgie [but I don't think he likes that])...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Class Photo 2008

Wow!  This is like a family reunion!  We are taking the 2008 photo of our Jeddi council this week.  The thing is, not everyone is located on Corisaunt.  Lots of people (like me) have homes in other places.  I live on a planet close to Corisaunt, but some people live in other galaxies!  So, we are trying to get a day that we can all get together.  I am glad I'm not in charge!  I would go CRAZY!!!  Somebody that can hold all this information in his head should be in charge!  That is why Master Ki-Adi-Mundi (you know, Mr. Two-Brains...) is in charge!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Garden

Padmae started a garden recently. I know I mentioned a "garden", but that really couldn't count because it was just a row of three potted plants on our front porch. But she talked about it as if it was a garden! Anyway, she started a real one on Saturday. It is in our front yard. I think she really appreciates us making our house on Nabu instead of Corisaunt. I mean, the dirt here is much more fertil than the concrete of Corisaunt! Anyway, now she has two rows of tomatoes, one row of soybeans, half a row of jalepenos, half a row of bellpeppers, and (oh joy...) one row of spinach. Ick!
The Jeddi temple is having their "Class 2008" photo taken soon. (I know it isn't really a class, but if you ask Master Yoduh, he'll just say, "Some things for young Padiwans such as yourself are just too hard to understand...") It only has those who are in the council. Master Ki-Adi-Mundee is nervous, he thinks all the young Padiwans will laugh at him for being bald. But, I think, when they see the picture on the bulletin board, they will be more in awe of his brains than interested in laughing at his head!

Monday, August 18, 2008

New Bass!!!

On Saturday, I bought a bass. So why did he leave us all in the dark and not tell us till today? is what I'll bet you are wondering. Just hold on! The reason I did not write a post yesterday is because Padmae, Luke, Lea and I were all visiting Padmae's relatives. They all live on Nabu, but it still took a while because Padmae heard that her 2nd cousin (on her mother's side) twice removed (who also lives on Naboo) had just had a baby and Padmae wanted to buy a gift for them. So we went out, bought the gift, visited all of her relatives on the face of the planet [or so it seemed] and got home at 10:00 p.m. (past my curfew) I begged Padmae to let me write a post, but she said that I would probably be going out to a movie with the Jeddi council pretty soon, so I should get right in bed. NO nonsense, Ani! So I just had to take a photo of my bass this morning and upload it to be able to post my blog. Pretty neat bass, huh.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cookout Last Night

Last night the Jeddi temple had their annual cookout. It was a blast. As said, the person that made the dish that was chosen favorite by the judges (Judges = All Jeddi present) would get his picture hung up on the wall of the Jeddi temple along with a notecard that would say: Best Baker of the Year. [I know I said later on that I did not know what prize would be given out, but I had forgotten.] Anyway, Master Obi-Won (strangely) was the winner of the contest. He made his entry with a recipe of Master Quigone's for 29 bean soup. Master Quigone (since the movie's were all fakes, he never died) said it wasn't fair that Obi-Won used his recipe. I'll bet that all of you are wondering what Master Wendu's reaction to all of this was since he has that famous fudge marble cake and normally wins contests like this. Well, he said that he had had a kitchen mixup and probably put some wrong ingredients in where he shouldn't. After that, for some reason, he grounded me from XBox for a week. I don't understand it! (Though...Master Obi-Won did say that he thought it was sort of rude for me to say that Master Wendu was a sore loser!)

The search goes on for the electric bass. I will upload a pic of it when I buy it.

Friday, August 15, 2008

My First Bass Lessons

Last night I had my first bass lessons. They were fun, but not as action packed as my ballet class. Mr. Pracket was fun though. I was the only person there who did not have a bass of his own. I am planning on searching for one on Saturday. Tonight is the cookout. I am bringing my mom's taco salad, Siri (oh sorry, Master Siri) is bringing (and I quote) Black berry forest pie! I hope to have a slice if Master Obi-WanWon won't keep me away from the desserts. But, wait! He said that he would give me a more lenient diet if I finished my ballet! If he approaches me, I will remind him of his promise. Now, of course, I know "lenient" does not mean FREE, but it does mean I can have sweets more often!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Tomorrow night is the potluck cookout in the Jeddi temple's back yard!  I'm planning on bringing some taco salad (my mom's recipe).  I don't expect it to be a hit, but I hope everybody likes it!  One thing is, I don't know what prize they are giving out...
The search goes on for the bass.  But, never fear!  My teacher, Mr. Pracket said that he can loan me one of his basses for this first class.  I need to go, I will tell all about my first class tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Electric Bass

It occurred to me that I would need to buy a bass for my lessons on Thursday.  So I am going to the Jeddi Music Center today to look for one.  I will upload a picture of it when I buy it.  I plan to be part of Master Wendu and Master Yoduh's band.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We are having a Jeddi cookout on Friday next week! We are each picking something to bring to this potluck. The reason we are waiting 'till Friday is because we want everybody to have a chance to decide what they are going to bring. Why so much bother about what we are going to bring? Well, we are having a contest, and whoever makes the best dish gets his picture hung up on the wall of the Jeddi temple along with a notecard that says: Best Baker of the Year. I think Master Wendu will bring his fudge marble cake. He will no doubt win. But I am bringing a taco salad (my mom's recipe!) just in case fate chooses a different winner...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Lessons etc.

Okay, what's the big deal???!!! Padmae found out about my being able to use ballet skills in fighting! I am so annoyed. (Did you tell her Siri?)
Anyway, speaking of lessons, I missed by first bass lesson due to being captured by Count Dukoo (read post here), but am planning to do my class this week.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Alright! I am finally home! Let me tell you the story: as most of you know, Count Dukoo captured me on Wednesday. I finally got up enough force strength to bust the cell door open. But, oh dear! Count Dukoo met me in the hallway. Apparently he was on the way to his room to play some video games or something... Anyway, he pulled out his lightsaber and started advancing. The battle went on for 10 minutes, and finally, I remembered all the twirls and somersaults I learned in my ballet class. I confused him so much, that he got dizzy and fell kerplunk on the floor. As I was exiting, I saw a storm trooper come down the hall with some aspirin. So Padmae signing me up for ballet actually helped me! (But I sure hope she doesn't find out!)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

In Danger!

I can't write a long post.  I brought my cellphone to Count Dukoo's place when I went on my special mission, and am text messaging a post.  But I have to do it quick before the guard notices I have a phone and takes it away!  Why am I under guard you may ask?  Well, because I got ambushed by an innumerable amount of droids while I was wandering around in Count Dukoo's ship looking for the said sithe and am now in a cell.  I don't want to call for help with my cellphone (ha, that's funny: a cellphone in a cell!) because I want to do this myself.  I will write a post when I get back.  (Don't be impatient, it may be a couple of days...)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Special Training

I am traveling to count Dukoo's ship tomorrow to fight him for some special training on how to fight dangerous sithes. BY MYSELF!. I will be back on Wednesday (to account for possible mishaps [like, getting imprisoned!]). I am busy tonight packing so I don't have much time to talk. I will tell all about it when I get back. See ya!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Now Why Didn't I Think of That?!!!

Okay, now I am really annoyed!  Last night I had my recital, and it was great!  I did not have to wear a tutu.  I got to wear my black jeddi suit.  It would have been a successful night except for the fact that Mrs. Harding made me wear one of those tiaras that all of her ballet dancers wear on their recital nights!  I used my force powers to make her say I would not have to wear a tutu, but I neglected to think about the question of embarrassing headgear!  (I know you were laughing, Siri, but I appreciate the fact that nobody brought a camera!)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Rock Band

You know how Master Wendu and Master Yoduh were practicing songs for a band they are starting?  They are thinking of calling the band Lightsaber Pros.  I am about to take bass lessons.  I will do them every Thursday around 8:00 PM starting next week!  I am excited!  This is going to be an interesting alternative for ballet.  So how doest this tie in to the Jeddi band?  Well, think about it...  When I learn I plan to join them!  (Though, considering the trouble we had last time, we may not want to practice at my house!)
Gotta run!  I have to do my recital tonight!  (Thank goodness I don't have to wear a tutu!)