Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Homework is TOUGH!!!

Yep, that's right! I am SOOOO tired of having to do this annoying stuff!  Master Wendu has been piling Jeddi homework on my like so many Christmas ornaments on a Christmas tree!  (Oh, wait, Christmas is over.  I need to start thinking OUTSIDE of the holiday season!).
Anyhoo, I am about to cry.  I am done.  I don't care if I never become a Master.  I just really want to be done with this...JUNK!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Christmas Presents I got for everbody...

I got Padmae hair curlers.  (Her poodle broke her last set!)  I got Luke his own video game console (he will be going to the Space Academy next year!).  I got Lea a new bumper for her car (she had a fender bender!).
We had a gift exchange at the Jeddi temple.  I got Master Wendu.  So I bought him a huge pack of drumsticks.
I'll bet you are wondering how I was able to afford all this stuff.  Well, since Padmae has been buying all the birthday presents all year long (we have a deal where I pick the present and she pays for it) I have been able to save up my meager earnings as a Jeddi for Christmas.
We are having a New Year's party at our house on New Year's Eve.  I'm making a chocolate cake!  (Hey!  What makes you think I won't get a piece?!)))

Monday, December 29, 2008

Alright! Now my life can get back to "normal"...

Christmas is over! I mean, I love Christmas and all, but now no more unexpected travels and such. That is why I didn't write a post for a whole week. Because we were at my brother Owen's house for Christmas. We left on Sunday. I meant to write a post that day, but I forgot. And Padmae said "no excess junk". By "junk" she meant my laptop. Oh well...
Christmas was awesome! I got some shampoo for my hair, some picks for my bass, a thumb drive for my computer, Episode I from Star Wars, a leash for R2, a Wukerfilmydoodle house for my pet, and Padmae got me a tie (rats!). I love all my presents except the tie. Because now, I have a tie for my suit so Padmae can make me wear it. But, anyway, we had a blast a Christmas! Hope you did!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Love Weather On Nabu

Right now, we are having snow. Padmae and Lea love it! Luke and I are just not interested. I mean, if it were in the middle of the day, when we could go outside and throw snowballs at each other, then maybe. But this started at 9:00 PM (and is still going)! It is way to dark to see enough to make a snowball let alone throw one! So, we are just playing video games until Padmae decides it is bedtime. But, hey! This is a great way to stay up late!

Friday, December 19, 2008


Yes, I have already bought all my Christmas presents (thank goodness).  But our family is still undecided on where we will have it.  I hope we go to my mom's house.  (Then all I have to do is pack.  If they came here, I would have to do chores) :-(

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Great Ideas Are One Thing...

But actually making them happen is another! Unfortunately, the rock band I play the bass for (Jammin' Jeddi) is not going to be able to finish our album this year. Why? Well, first of all, albums are a lot harder to finish than we thought. Secondly, master Wendu needs to save up his Jeddi income to buy some drum mics. And finally, master Yoduh broke his electric guitar. He has loads of money (being the TOP Jeddi...) but he takes FOREVER to decide on which to buy (I guess that's another reason he has loads of $$$). So we will probably have to make our album come out in 2009. (At least, I hope it won't have to wait 'till 2010!)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Last Night Went Well

Last night, the night that I had my "romantic at-home dinner" with Padmae, went well. She forgave me for throwing a fit over her dog using my toothbrush. And she was overjoyed that I washed her Jeddi Mart bags for her. (I just don't understand that part...) She then mentioned that she wants to start recycling. \:|
Anyway, I am glad she is happy with me. All's well that ends well!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Tonight, I am making dinner. What happened is my 18 year old son (Luke) is sleeping over at Wedgie's house, and my 18 year old daughter (Lea) is going out with Hon, I have decided to make dinner. My Butler (See3P0) is taking R2 out to a movie. My wife is at her bi-weekly "Let's-Figure-Out-How-to-Vacuum-and-Dust-as-Quickly-As We-Can" club (a.k.a the "L.F.O.H.V.D.Q.W.C." club, or "Cleaning Club"). So I am setting up a romantic night. I have ordered flowers. (I even washed some Jeddi Mart bags. For some reason Padmae has this new thing where she washes those bags to reuse them...) I hope this will make Padmae more patient with me. (I blew up last night about her dog making an a MESS on my laptop!)

BTW: Wendu got back today from visiting his mom. She is better.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Out to the dog house with you!

Today has been a trying day. I am just about ready to throw Padmae's poodle out the window! That dog has destroyed our whole house (as See3P0 relates in his blog...)! But guess what he did this morning! He took my toothbrush and was brushing his teeth with it! (He has also shown the desire for his fur to be a little more trimmed. [I have hidden my razor!]) That dog would do well in a doghouse, but Padmae wouldn't hear of it!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I've Got Some Christmas Presents figured out...

That title pretty much speaks for itself, but, just for your sake, I will tell you whose presents I have figured out.
I decided to get See3P0...wait!  He reads this blog.  Forget it.  I will tell you after he opens it.  (Or maybe he will tell you on his blog...)
I decided to get Luke...HOLD IT!!!  I can't tell any Christmas presents on my blog (as it is so popular [among my family members]).  I will just tell you all after Christmas is over.  Sorry!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I'm Back!

I was off of (or rather banned from) the computer all last week. Padmae said I was getting addicted... Well, anyhoo, I am back! I will continue by daily posts.

Friday, December 5, 2008

It Just Occurred to me...

I am quite put out! Do all of my readers remember when Luke and Lea had their birthdays? They were more than a month apart!!! Now everyone knows that they are twins, right? So it was all a practical joke played on me by my whole family (including extended) to see if I would believe what Padmae said, or try to think logically. Well! Now I know I must do the latter because trusting Padmae is not always the best idea! So this is a warning to all you guys out there: keep a calender! Mark all birthdays and special events on it! Thankfully, I haven't yet forgotten our anniversary (which is in April)! (I gotta go right now and buy a calender for 2009!!!)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas is here!

We set up our decorations today. Man. That tree is a PAIN!!! Some lights go out, and make a whole branch go out. Then I have to try out different lights to see which ones are broken! (And I haven't even mentioned the lights on the ROOF!)

Oh, by the way, we finally named our rock band! Somebody mentioned "The Short Jeddi" (master Yoduh...) But that wasn't quite accurate. Someone mentioned "The Smart, the Talented, and the Hungry..." (Who, me?) And someone mentioned "Those with purple lightsabers..." (Guess who...) Finally, we came up with "Jammin' Jeddi". Like it?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Pampered Poodle Among Us!

Padmae's newest pest - uh, PET (did I say pest?) is really getting spoiled. Of course, yesterday we HAD to go out and buy the very best dog food. Then go to Petsmart and buy about 14 toys. Then go home and let Padmae cuddle him to death! She named her new poodle Fuzzy.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

THAT was a close call...

Whew! When Padmae got back yesterday and saw the dog that I "brought" home with me, her eyes turned into little hearts (not literally [sheesh, do I always have to say that?]) and she said, "Oh how cute!" We are somehow collecting queer pets! (Dood, Fuzzy (the dog's name), See3P0...)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Um, Shoo!

Oh, I hope this turns out alright! I was taking Dood out for a walk this morning, and a dog (yes we have dogs in our galaxy...) showed up. He walked along with us for a while. Then, when we got home, he acted like he OWNED the place! I am frantically trying to clean up his messes that he made all over the carpet! (Padmae is at the store...) Yikes!