Saturday, October 25, 2008

Good Grief!

Today, Luke and Lea have been just plain ANNOYING! At breakfast I looked in the bread box to see if we had any bread so I could make my toast. There wasn't any. I must have looked perplexed, because Lea said, "Oh, mom makes bread every morning."
I thought oh dear! But then I thought, no biggie, I can manage for myself while Padmae is gone! So I made our bread for breakfast. (But, man! That troublesome mixer is hard to use! I mean, I wouldn't have minded cleaning bread dough off the floor, but the ceiling?!!)
Anyway, after breakfast, I went to sit down in the living room and Luke came in.
"Oh dad, normally waters her garden after breakfast."
I was getting a little ticked off by now. I had had to make breakfast, clean up the mess, and now I had to WATER THE GARDEN?!! But then I thought, no biggie, I can handle this. So I went to water the garden. I had to change clothes afterwords though (we have a VERY powerful spray nozzle!).
I finally sat down at the computer and was going to write my post for today, when suddenly, Lea burst into the room and demanded where her nice dress was. I said that I didn't know, honey. And she said, "What?! You mean you haven't WASHED THE CLOTHES yet??!!"
So, all in all, I have cooked, cleaned, watered, washed, dusted, wiped, baked, and pruned all in ONE DAY!!! I don't see how Padmae does it! I cannot wait 'till she gets home! (Will I live through until the end of the weekend, I wonder?)


  1. Don't worry master. If you don't survive,I can take care of the kids till your wife returns.