Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Garden

Padmae started a garden recently. I know I mentioned a "garden", but that really couldn't count because it was just a row of three potted plants on our front porch. But she talked about it as if it was a garden! Anyway, she started a real one on Saturday. It is in our front yard. I think she really appreciates us making our house on Nabu instead of Corisaunt. I mean, the dirt here is much more fertil than the concrete of Corisaunt! Anyway, now she has two rows of tomatoes, one row of soybeans, half a row of jalepenos, half a row of bellpeppers, and (oh joy...) one row of spinach. Ick!
The Jeddi temple is having their "Class 2008" photo taken soon. (I know it isn't really a class, but if you ask Master Yoduh, he'll just say, "Some things for young Padiwans such as yourself are just too hard to understand...") It only has those who are in the council. Master Ki-Adi-Mundee is nervous, he thinks all the young Padiwans will laugh at him for being bald. But, I think, when they see the picture on the bulletin board, they will be more in awe of his brains than interested in laughing at his head!


  1. She doesn't have squash?!! I love squash!

    I don't blame you about the spinach deal...feel the same way myself...

  2. Spinach in the Death Star is practically illegal, you know.

  3. All that metal...tch tch tch......
    not fertile at all...