Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Unexpected Surprise

While this title may sound redundant, it....is.  But I sometimes feel that redundancy is needed for emphasis.  Master Siri has hired me to watch the security videos of the library to find out if any books have been stolen lately.  They haven't, but as the video's come with sound, I have found a lot of different things...some I wish I didn't know.
I found out that Master Yoduh and Master Wendu are currently arguing about the former's need to be in a nursing home....in several centuries or so.  Master Yoduh's conviction is that he will be just as spry at 1300 years old as he is at 300.  I will see how this one pans out.
I also found that Kid Fisto has a crush on Luminaura.  Master Ki-Adi-Mundee is counseling him.  It appears that perhaps we may soon have another Jeddi to blaze the trail of mixing matrimony and the ways of a jeddi.  Again, I will elaborate as I learn more.
One more thing that I found out is that Master Obi-Won is fixing up a deal with a Miracle Hair Grow company to help them with their advertising campaign.  As his hair is falling out, they figured he would be perfect.  Jeddi are not supposed to have attachment, but Master Obi is rather attached to his hair.  He figures this would be a great way to get some free Miracle Hair Grow (which happens to cost an arm and a leg at retail price.)
I didn't know I would find such a wealth of entertainment just from taking the boring job of watching the security cameras.  This is fun!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Yesterday, we got back home from our survival trip.  It was quite an exciting episode.  I'm glad it's over.

It appears that Siri put some people to work so that while we were all gone, things would get done around the Jeddi temple.  First of all, she scheduled the installation of security cameras because recently, books have been getting stolen from the Jeddi library.  I just think that installing voice recorders on them was a little much.  She also hired people to install a new gaming system in the recreation room.  You won't be finding me complaining about that!  Anyway, things never get boring around here!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

12 Jeddi on the Lake

Today we had our Jeddi fishing trip.  It went alright.  We split up in four canoes.  Master Wendu, Master Yoduh, and I were in one together.  If you think that that sounds like a recipe for disaster, you are perfectly correct.  Master Wendu and I don't exactly think alike, so our canoe spun around for about 23 minutes before we finally shot it towards the middle of the lake where the water is most abundant.  Master Yoduh, being an old LGM and all, didn't do much rowing.  He just gathered all the bait and put it on our hooks for us.  When we got to the middle of the lake, all the Jeddi were catching magnificent fish and I was dying to try my luck.  But I had a secret plan.  I happen to know, after feeding all the fish in Watow's shop (he had them to entertain customers while he cheated them) that fish LOVE donuts.   It doesn't matter if they get wet.  Fish of all varieties love these fried beauties.  So I scrounged up a quarter donut under the sand at the edge of the lake earlier today and then while on the canoe, I took it out of my pocket and put my hook and bait (oh what bait!) in the water.
It appears that fish of all varieties have a deep liking for donuts.  Unfortunately, the bigger ones happen to get to any major attraction first.  We had a fish the size of master Yoduh in the boat with us within 30 seconds!  He had about 60 teeth I could shave with and the meanest eyes this side of Hades!
He was so big and for those who don't know, you can ONLY have 3 people in a canoe or else it will topple over.  And topple it did!
Master Wendu was in shock and was especially afraid because he has aquaphobia and (apparently) a phobia of large fish.  Master Ki-Adi-Mundee's canoe with Plo-Koon and Master Obi-Won in it came over and helped us get our canoe situated properly.
I think that something nibbled me down there because my toes have teeth marks.  Anyway, that is the last time I spend a perfectly good Thursday on the lake!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Search for Food

A gruesome tale, yes.  But a necessary one if you are to understand how hard it is for 12 jeddi to camp in the wilderness. 
We began to be hungry yesterday after the picnic basket that Master Obi-Won found emptied.  So we collected bugs of every variety available.  Master Wendu would have pulled out his hair if he had had any (hmm...that could be the reason he's bald) because he has been trying to get us to be "tough stuff"  or rather, "outdoor's guys."  We can claim that title if we are chicken of hunting.  Anyway, the only variety of bug we could find was the beetle.  A little crunchy, but they have a nice, salty flavor when roasted...very akin to chicken, I think.
Friday is the last day of our camping trip.  Tomorrow we will take a fishing trip.  I don't know why, but I have a bad feeling about this...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Obstacle Course Of Course

Yep.  It was very exciting.  Master Wendu set up walls for us to climb over.  He also strung a rope across the lake that we would have to crawl on. 
Master Obi-Won found an abandoned picnic basket and we all ate hearty for breakfast!  The fried chicken was a little stale but nevertheless, it tasted better than any wild turkey or mongoose we could have killed.  Unfortunately, I had more of the picnic delicacies than anyone else and I had a hard time climbing up the wall.  Master Ki-Adi-Mundee helped me out and then we moved on to the rope.  Everyone made it across except me.  My weight caught up with my muscles about half-way across and I kerplunked in the middle of the lake.  It wouldn't have been so bad if the snapping turtles in that area weren't so aggressive!
Then we moved on to a race Master Wendu had set up.  It appears this is what took him so long yesterday.  He made these traps that could fit a whole man and then covered them up with a thin layer of sticks and leaves.  All the other Jeddi went so fast that when they got to the traps, they went right over them.  Master Wendu wasn't disappointed, however.  Mr. Fried-Chicken-Belly fell into about half of them.  2 hours later, when I got past the obstacle (and the rest of the Jeddi council had a good laugh) we moved on to the final test: standing on a ledge over the lake and having a Jeddi council member catch you.  This was the true test of trust in other members of the council.  We would be pushed off the edge by Master Wendu and then someone would catch us.  Everybody was caught and saved from a wet landing.  I, however, wasn't so lucky.  Master Wendu pushed me off, I landed into Plo-Koon's arms and he was embraced heartily by the cold waters of the lake.  Apparently, picnic food isn't the lightest stuff in the world.
I don't know what we will do today, but I hope it will be a little less...tiring..........

BTW: Some may be wondering how I can write posts when I wasn't allowed to bring any electronics on this trip.  Well, I smuggled a cell phone into my backpack.  Master Wendu found it yesterday, but I told him that I only use it for posts.  He didn't seem to mind.......

Friday, June 18, 2010

A Pretty Boring Day All Around...

Yesterday, Master Wendu spent the whole day working on an obstacle course for us to do.  He said that it would build our trust in one another.  The only negative was that he took so long that we began to suspect that he had made a beeline for the bus station 19 miles from camp.  We were pretty bored.  We weren't allowed to bring any electronics so my gameboy had to stay at home.  I invented a new version of marbles however, using acorns instead of marbles.  The only problem was that one never knew which way the acorns would go and he would have to use his force powers to pull it back on track.  After we tired of that we sat around in lawn chairs bragging about our midiclorian counts.  We were seriously bored!  We haven't done that since I first joined the council.  But as they say, desperate times call for desperate measures.
Finally we got hungry so we rummaged in everyone's backpacks to see if anyone else had brought a backup pizza or something.  No one had.  So we roasted and at the acorns that we used for our game.
Today promises to be more exciting.  I just don't know how much.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Big Outdoors.

Yesterday was the first day in our "Jeddi Camping/Survival Trip" as we have come to call it after yesterday's events.  It started out okay.  Except for me having to carry master Yoduh because of his arthritis, we all felt pretty good.  We had all 12 of the Jeddi council members (plus Luke) on the trip.  Each of us was told to bring some necessities of life for the first day.  After that, we would try to find all the provisions in the forest.  (We are camping in the Itchy, Dark, Dank, and Prickly Forest of Nabu's north.  I know it's a long name but don't look at me!  Anyway, forests aren't exactly plentiful on Coriscaunt, so we had to come to my neighborhood.)
Siri was told to bring the tents.  Obi Won was in charge of the fire making tools.  Yoduh was in charge of bringing flashlights for everyone.  We didn't need weapons because (as I remember mentioning more than 8 times) every Jeddi with a brain the size of a lima bean or bigger is sure to bring his lightsaber everywhere.
I was in charge of bringing food for the first day.  After that, we would catch and kill every thing we needed.  We'll see how that works!
I brought Twinkies.  I think they are very nutritious and give one that necessary energy boost that will enable us to complete this survival trip.  For some reason, everybody complained about being hungry and I suspect that after I went to sleep, someone went out and killed a couple of wild pizzas or something.  Why?  Well, because the next morning I found pizza boxes under Ki-Adi-Mundee's sleeping bag.

                         ----------------- 30 Minutes Later -------------------

This is hilarious!  Well....it was at first.  Master Wendu just found out he forgot his lightsaber!  Remember what I said yesterday?  Well, I reminded everyone of this and we all had a good laugh.  But I think I laughed too hard because Master Wendu made me clean the dishes tonight.  Rats.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Where Does He Get These Ideas?

I'm back!  I took a break from my blog for two reasons.  1) Nothing was really happening.  2) Padmae was threatening to take me off my blog if I didn't help her around the house.  So I figured that getting off would help settle things down.
Anyway, Master Wendu came up with a great plan yesterday.  He said that he had been noticing some rifts between Jeddi as of late (no, really?) and told us he wanted us to do something.  He said that he had been visiting Lights Out Electrics the other day complaining about a bill he received.  After he worked it out with the associate, he chatted a little and found that they were going on a office trip this weekend.  They were going to camp out in the woods and their boss was going to make an obstacle course for them to go through.  They would need to work together to get past it and it was going to build a little office support.  He said that we should do that.
Hmm...I wonder how this will turn out.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Super Big "Oops"!

Rats!  I made a huge mistake in my "evil plan for fast food domination."  I brought the special recipe for the Lightsaber Cafe burger to McDukoo's.  But since I didn't want to make it there (some cooks might be watching) I brought the premade burgers in a cooler and told everyone that I had gotten a little ahead for that day.  They all bought it and I put out those special burgers with a little advertisement.  Unfortunately though, the burgers that I had gotten were about 3 Million years past their due dates.  So all our customers got sick and now the Lightsaber Cafe is getting bad publicity.  All this is because of one jeddi who forgot to check the label on some premade burgers.  Let this be a warning to everyone out there: check your best by dates!
Anyway, it's obvious that I was fired.  Now I am going to have a meeting with the Jeddi council (probably to get a good lecture.)