Monday, October 4, 2010

A Baby?!

A couple of things have happened in the last several weeks that I neglected to write posts.  I apologize about that...I have been super busy!
Anyway, an update from the Kid-fisto and Luminarah love story, Luminarah has finally fallen for Kid-fisto!  Let me explain: I suggested to him that we try a new strategy and buy Luminarah candy.  I suggested those new chocolate covered peanuts (I love those!) but he seemed strangely unenthused and didn't want to follow my suggestion.  He said that I had been enough trouble already.  Imagine that!  I do all I can to help him and doesn't appreciate it!  Anyway, we sent her the peanuts with a note that said from Kid-fisto and I let it be to see what happened.  The next day, I asked Kid and he said that they were dating now!  I said, "Must have been those peanuts!  The best way to win a girl's heart is candy!"
He said that actually, she was allergic to peanuts and at one whiff from the bag, had started sneezing and whatnot.  But she had felt so sorry for Kid-fisto, who being a simple guy, had fallen prey to the clutches of Anikin Skywriter and had come into mishap after mishap.  (Those were her words, not mine...)  It seems she did some investigating and found out from Ki Adi Mundee who was doing all this for Kid-fisto.  I don't think counseling is my thing...

Anyway, now onto the really good news!  Lea and Hon are having a BABY!  I shall have a grandson before long! well, a little longer than not very long...  But still, he's on his way!  I asked them what they would name him and they said that even if they knew, it would still be a secret until his birth.  (I hate it when people do that...)  I suggested that they name him a J name.  You know... PJ (Padmae Junior) or if it's a guy, AJ (Anikin Junior.)  I don't know if they liked those ideas very much though.