Thursday, July 31, 2008


Tadaa! Lea's new ship has been found! We went shopping yesterday and found it. It is an off-brand company called Workshop Ships. They had this cool deal where you got a free cartoon drawing of the car after you bought it. So Lea took this home and I scanned it into the computer and put it on this post so that you can see it (I haven't had a chance to take a picture). Is it not so "classy"? And pretty inexpensive too! (Notice Lea picked red!).

Last night I had my ballet night, and I used my force powers to convince Mrs. Harding to let me be an exception to the rule of having to wear a tutu to the recital! (Tomorrow is my recital night, let me know if you need directions.)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Finish Line

YES!!! Tonight is my last night of ballet (excepting, of course, my recital)!!! Though I complained a lot about it; it has been fun (I know lots of you are gaping while reading this, but, hang in there!)! I know I complained a lot about it (read: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6...), but I really enjoyed it! I got exercise out of a different outlet than running. The reason I complained a lot about it was it was embarrassing. But now, I will be done and can take those bass lessons! (By the way: anyone who is interested can come to the recital...)

Since my ballet is tonight, we will continue the search for Lea's ship during the day...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Master Ki-Adi-Mundee's Graduation

Today we are having a special meeting at the council. Master Ki-Adi-Mundee is graduating to a general. He is a master already, but he is becoming a general as well (like Master Obi-Won). For this he will get a diploma. (Becoming a general is a big event because it concerns the whole rebel force. Which would explain you not getting a diploma at your graduation, Siri) Needless to say, we will not search for Lea's new ship today because we are all going to this special event.
We are all supposed to bring snacks (and yes Siri): I will bring carrots!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Helping "Goldilocks"

We are about to leave for the Ford Ship Distribution company.  We are helping Lea buy her new ship.  I don't think we will stay as long there because the ships are not as classy as Lea would like them.  I might take Master Siri's idea, but I think we need to be patient.  Still, if I lose my patience, we will just choose for Lea.  We will give her a good chance to make up her mind, though.  (I think I will warn her; Cadillacs are out of the question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fiery Relationship

Hon and Lea had an argument. Storm Troop asked me if I would tell about how their relationship is going and I am. They went out to the Dark Side diner on Friday and were eating (I know that is what normal people do at a restaurant, but, Hon and Lea normally just chat [besides, Lea is not normal, I am proud to say]). Hon was talking about his week and how it went. He happened to mention gambling and Lea ordered him to quit. (I guess she gets that from being a princess and all...) Anyway, Hon looked at her like she was crazy and marched out of the restaurant with Lea following him yelling at him the whole way to the ship in the parking lot. (Lea says, "Pretty much every person in the restaurant asked us if the restaurant was on fire!") I guess you were right, Mike, about the gambling. Except, Lea did not even wait around for them to get married!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Shopping with a picky buyer

We have been shopping, shopping, shopping all afternoon for Lea's ship. She said, "No, that one's not the right color...No, that one's not cute enough...etc. etc..." I never knew my daughter was so picky! I think we will go shopping again on Monday. We will help "goldilocks" buy her ship!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Big, New Purchase

Yeah, yeah, I know I don't have that much money.  But Padmae and I talked about it, and we decided that it is time to buy a ship for Lea.  I mean, she is the same age as Luke, and he already has a ship (ignoring the fact, of course, that his X-Wing is a benefit of his job).  I know she "owned" a Blockade Runner, but that was technically the rebel's ship.  We have been putting off buying her a new ship because we have had so much to think about with my ballet and all.  I just hope she won't want a Cadillac!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ballet Last Night

Last night, I had a ballet class. This is my second-to-last ballet class!!! Next Wednesday is my last. Siri asked if we were going to have a recital. Well, I asked Mrs. Harding about that last night, and she said, "You know Anikin, that is a good question. I will talk to everybody about it. GIRLS, and-ahem, Anikin, we are going to have a recital next week on Friday. I expect all of you to be ready. Thank you Anikin for bringing this to my attention."
Great... I did not want to have to do a ballet recital. Oh well, I guess I can bring my mom. (Oh, you can come too, Siri!)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lightning Strikes and Polka dots...

The workers finally finished putting in the carpet that Master Wendu picked out for the Jeddi temple. So, guess what, Master Yoduh finally left our house! NO more waking up in the middle of the night to electric guitars! NO more losing my precious midnight snacks to Master Yoduh! So, Storm Troop, and Luke you are welcome to come look at the new carpet any time! I am happy to have my house back in order again! (I wonder if we can return the earplugs?)
Oh, and, ICYF (In Case You Forgot) tonight is my ballet night. Tonight and next Wednesday night are my only ballet classes left! (Yes, Storm Troop, I am going to ask Master Obi-Won about being able to order that cake from that guy on Hothe).

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Necessity Items

Alright, Padmae just asked me to go to The Rebellion Super-center to get some groceries for her.  I am in my speeder at the moment typing out this post on my laptop while I am in a traffic jam.  You would think that Corissaunt would have more traffic jams!  I guess there are just a lot of guys with mental shopping lists going to the store to buy whatever they remember...
Let see if I can remember; Padmae asked me to get:
  1. Milk
  2. Eggs
  3. Sausage
  4. Earplugs (HA!  I don't wonder why we need those...)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Can't A Fellow Get Any Sleep Around Here?!!!!!

I wish we had a sound proof room! Master Yoduh says he and Master Wendu have gotten a band together. A two Jeddi band! He says he has to practice his songs. Normally I wouldn't mind, but he is staying over at my house. (But does he have to practice them in the middle of the night?) None of my family can sleep, so we are all staying up watching Star Wars Episode IV (great family movie!). I just hope I don't have to do any Jeddi homework tomorrow, because I will be tired...

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Rowwihkhowhowowdiddlewoweeeoooo...  Do you hear that?  (Actually, I know you can't hear it, but that is my impersonation of Master Yoduh's guitar).  Yep, he came over because they closed the Jeddi Temple.  Why is the Jeddi Temple closed?  Because Master Wendu's putting in a new carpet.  (He still won't agree with my idea to use bean-bags instead of those uncomfortable chairs we have--oh well...)  So now, just because Master Wendu wants a jazzier carpet, I have to pay.  I guess I could send Master Yoduh over to Master Wendu's house.  But Master Wendu is worn out from all the homework grading and is taking a nap.  I didn't have the heart to do that to him.
I know I am not supposed to work on Sunday, but I did some arithmetic, and figured out that I only have 2 more ballet classes.  YAHOOOOOOO!!!  Thanks to Mrs. Harding's cancellation of my most recent class, I am all smiles.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Dexter Movie?

Master Wendu wants to go watch a movie called The Dexter Movie.  What happened is Obi-Won's friend, Dexter (you know; the guy who owned the diner) decided to make a movie about himself.  I just hope it is not as dumb as the Wading Through Water movie!  But, as chairman, Master Wendu gets the last word in any dispute we may have.  So: we are going to the movie!  :(  Sorry Siri, I guess I won't see you at the Walking in White concert tonight.  Oh well, I've heard the theater has good popcorn...

Friday, July 18, 2008


Tonight, the Jeddi council is having a meeting to figure out something important.  We need to decide what we are going to do for our Jeddi fun night this week.  I personally want to go to a concert.  Mike-Wazowski (one of my commenters) has been saying that he likes a five storm trooper band named Walking In White.  They are having a concert Saturday night, and I really want to go!  But, unfortunately, the chairman of our council (Mace Wendu) wants to go watch a movie.  I just hope it is nothing like Wading Through Water!  Whew!  What a waste of a Saturday afternoon (not to mention the time I spent bidding on eBay!)!!!  Well, I will tell all about it tomorrow.
Master Yoduh and Master Wendu are practicing some songs in the Jeddi temple.  I have given up trying to train Dood!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sit, Stay, No Wait, Fetch!

I am currently training Dood, my Wukerfilmydoodle pet (read about him here) to do tricks. I think he is a tad confused, though, because Luke and Lea have caught on to what I'm doing and when I am teaching Dood how to fetch, Luke or Lea comes around the corner just as Dood is about to run to fetch the ball and say "SIT!". I think from now on I will do Dood's training in the Jeddi training center!

Master Wendu is jealous of Master Yoduh's new treasure. So he is saving up his Jeddi income to buy a really nice drumset. I don't know where this will lead; maybe to all of us buying expensive instruments and getting a band together! Ha, ha, ha...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Glad Tidings! (not to mention the guitar!)

I suppose some of you people out there are wondering why I am writing a post at 8:00 when my ballet class starts at 7:00. Well, that is because Mrs. Harding (my ballet teacher) cancelled the ballet class for tonight because she has to go to another planet for a surprise birthday party. She neglected to tell me this joyous news until this morning, but I am too happy to be put out!

Padmae says to quit complaining because my ballet will be finished at the end of July, but I prefer to think of it as having a good attitude. I am seeing the good in not being able to do ballet tonight (though, to be completely honest, it's not that I really mind it either!)

Master Yoduh recently bought a new guitar. (Did I tell you that he plays the guitar? If not, FYI: Wendu plays the drums) He is constantly calling me and telling me about a cool feature he just discovered about it. I would hope it has a bunch of features considering how much it cost!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Busy, Busy BUSY!!!

Today has been a - guess what: BUSY day!  I have been working and working on my jeddi homework.  Because (would you believe this?) Master Wendu finished grading all my old papers on Saturday so he gave me a bunch of new assignments!  I am so bummed!  I guess I should be patient with him, 'cause I did something like that to him when I put off all my other jeddi homework until Friday so he had a BUNCH to grade on Saturday.  (Come to think of it; I wonder if he gave me all this homework on purpose...)
By-the-way: tomorrow is my ballet night.  Soon I shall be done with this TORTURE!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sorry about the "lull"!

I sincerely apologize about the lull in my posts.  What happened was my computer crashed and Padmae told me she would pay for a new one if I mowed the lawn and did some other odd jobs around the house.  I did them, but it took over a week to finally finish them all, and find time to get to the computer store to buy one.  Again I sincerely apologize about this and will try to continue to write enjoyable posts for all.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Campaign

I have new campaign. I am trying to get my mom (Shmee) to move here; Nabu. I am offering to buy her a house (well, actually, with Padmae's money [what can I say, I am pitifully poor!]). She is not too hot about the idea. We will see what happens...
Oh, by-the-bye, tonight is my ballet night. (Read how I started ballet here).

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Oh, Good Grief!

I just told Padmae about me ripping my tutu (read post), and she said that I should have told her earlier!  (Oh, and, that was a great idea Mike, but I forgot about it over the weekend, and tomorrow is my ballet night!).  She said she would see what she could do.  But, I don't know if she is that happy with me.  I guess I can use Mike-Wazowski's idea now (read comment) to get her to be a little bit more patient with me!
Oh, and, one more thing: recently, I was talking with a reader of my blog, and they asked if I would mind them telling all their friends about my blog.   Well, I LOVE it!  I would love all the publicity that I can get.  They also asked me if I would mind them commenting.  Believe me, I would love comments!  And any age group too, I mean, I'm like 40!  (Believe me, this is not a blog just for kids!)