Sunday, August 24, 2008

Summer Break?...Aww Man!

Tomorrow is the day that summer break ends for me. I start Jeddi homework all over again. I just hope master Wendu doesn't assign as much as he did before. I know Padmae will be happy I am out of the house and I will be quitting finding dust all over her furniture just because I'm bored. One good thing though, the Jeddi council will be having a meeting on Wednesday night to figure out what to do for our Jeddi fun night this week. I will suggest a party (with lots of desserts!). Master Obi-Won said yesterday that I could start having more desserts!


  1. Well, I hope everything goes well for you. I never did well with my homework. I was always failing on one subject or another. But I was an ace in the subject; "Logic and Reasoning" (I don't know why). That's why I'm one of the top Storm Troopers.

  2. You HAVE to be logical to be a storm trooper

  3. Yeah, but George Lucas made us look dumb in the movies. They made the Jeddi much smarter than we are, but in truth, we're the greatest minds!