Thursday, July 31, 2008


Tadaa! Lea's new ship has been found! We went shopping yesterday and found it. It is an off-brand company called Workshop Ships. They had this cool deal where you got a free cartoon drawing of the car after you bought it. So Lea took this home and I scanned it into the computer and put it on this post so that you can see it (I haven't had a chance to take a picture). Is it not so "classy"? And pretty inexpensive too! (Notice Lea picked red!).

Last night I had my ballet night, and I used my force powers to convince Mrs. Harding to let me be an exception to the rule of having to wear a tutu to the recital! (Tomorrow is my recital night, let me know if you need directions.)


  1. Ooh, nice ship, Lea! Congrats! :)

    *Grins* I'm glad you are an exception, Anikin. Yet...that would be a hilarious in a tutu and all. :D

    Wish I could come to your ballet recital. But I will be on a week-end mission to Otoh Gunga at that time. Sorry!

  2. Yes, congrats Lea.

    Bant we want to see Anikin in a tutu. Oh, Anikin I told you not to use Jedi mind powers.

    I will be at your recital even if Master Bant won't.

  3. I want to come! Oh, and Hi-Five on the tutu ordeal! Bant and Siri don't understand what we guys would go through doing ballet!

  4. Hooray for the guy! Great job, Anik! You oughta trick people with force powers like that more often! I wish I had something like that to use on Darth Sideous (my boss) to give me more cash at the end of the month!
    I am coming with my roommate to your recital tonight. I'm supporting you all the way through this girlish ballet business, Anikin, old pal!

  5. Love the new wheels Lea, wait does it have wheels?

  6. Naw... it's just a classy "all in-the-air" kinda ship. It's a cool color.