Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stuff that's happening

First of all, Hon is going to be doing his first show as a clown in the circus on Saturday.  He has finally gotten down the juggling bit but I don't know if they are going to be able to put a red nose on him.  Many of you may have guessed from the movies, Hon is not the "red nose" type.

Also happening on Saturday is our football game.  We are playing against a team that was professional, but gave it up because the professional league was too easy for them...........and there were no other professional teams in the galaxy.  So this team (the Storm Troopers) has joined our unprofessional league and will play us Jeddi this weekend.

Oh, I almost forgot!  This really ticks me off.  Padmae bought Luke a new ship!  She said that he had been so responsible in getting himself a job and paying the repairs for my ship that he deserves a little help.  Come on!  She's already paying for that boy's college.  But...yeah.  I admit that I felt a little bad for him myself.  So I guess it's best.
Anyway, he's keeping his job as an armored truck driver and is saving up for....I don't know what he's saving up for.  I can't believe he's just saving up his money!  Don't you have to have a goal in mind or something like that?

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