Sunday, March 21, 2010


My fam's trip to my mom's house on Tatauine went well.  Luke AND Lea got to go (Luke, because he was on spring break and Lea, because Hon paused his clown education to come and Lea never leaves her husband EVER!)
As I said, it went well.  Well...all except for the fact that my stepfather wanted to go outside to play football with Luke and me because he had heard about the Jeddi football team.  We lost and were humiliated!  We expected it to be easier than it was because Clegg uses a wheelchair.  However, this time he used his superpowered wheelchair.  What made it especially humiliating was the fact that the teams were as follows: Anikin and Luke vs. Clegg and Lea.  She felt bad for him and took his side.  Two experience Jeddi football pros (okay...not exactly pros) lost to an old man and a GIRL!  I'm still nursing my pride and Lea isn't helping by walking around with that satisfied smile.  Neither of us will forget this for a while!

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  1. I'll bet it was hard to chase Clegg in that super-powered wheelchair!