Thursday, March 11, 2010

Argyle Socks and a Polka Dotted Tie!

Well, hahaha!  This is just too funny! Do you guys remember when Hon lost his job with Smuggler's Inc?  Well, he has been playing on their football team as a volunteer lately, but he really needs a job that pays (he's been eating me out of fudge and home lately!)
But, guess what?  A traveling circus came to town and he filled out an application.  He put down that he wanted to be a ringleader, but since he wore argyle socks, a plaid business suit, and a polka dotted tie, the manager told him he would be perfect for a clown!  He didn't want to leave Lea, but the Circus said that they would be in town till June because of all the business they were getting and that he could work with them until they moved out.
You have to understand, ever since 2 years old, Hon has wanted to be a clown.  But his personality, shall we say, doesn't fit the part?  He's taking a crash course for juggling and has already thrown a couple of hammers into my TV set.  I'm about to go to Jeddi Mart to buy a new one and then come back home and try to talk him into learning to juggle balls first...
This will be very entertaining!  You can be sure I will buy tickets to every show from here till June!  Pass the popcorn!

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