Friday, February 5, 2010

I Just Don't Believe This...

Neither will you!  LUKE CRASHED MY SHIP LAST NIGHT!!!  Okay...I'll probably get in trouble for saying that.  But he did get rear-ended by a fire hydrant!  It was one of those busy parking lots at the space academy.  He was trying to back his - MY ship out the parking space and he accidentally bumped a fire hydrant!  The fire hydrant wasn't any worse for the wear except a couple of scratches.  MY SHIP on the other hand has seen better days!  When I said "Not a Scratch!" the other day I had no idea that later that week my ship would come out of an accident with a fire hydrant having a back end looking like a banana just after being stepped on by a 467 pound gorilla!  Sure she still drives...but it's a bad thing for my image to have a smashed up ship with my signature bumper sticker "Honk if you love FUDGE!" on the back.  It's a good thing he got this job!  He will have to pay for repairs to my SHIP before he buys himself a new one!
Strangely, this smash with a fire hydrant has done my nerves a world of good.  Now that it has happened, I don't feel tense anymore.  But, man will I be glad to get that ship SAFELY back in our garage!

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