Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You Missed a Spot

Sorry I haven't written posts for a while.  I have been really busy.  See, on Saturday we had a football game against the Storm Troopers.  We lost 14 to 24.  But hey!  That's not that bad considering we were playing a professional team!
After the game, I went straight to the circus.  Sure I was stinky and sweaty, but I didn't have time to take a shower!  Anyway I put on deodorant before I left.
I brought my camera and was going to get some good pictures of Hon as a clown but I ran into some trouble.  See, there was this acrobat who was doing some dangerous stunts dangerously close to where I was sitting.
I yelled up at him, "Hey!  Watch what you're doing up there!  Do you want to come down on my HEAD?"
I don't think he had noticed me until then and he looked down very surprised.  However, he was in the middle of a back flip.  He fell with a thump to the dirt below like a bird dropping and then lay there.  The whole show was stopped and everybody came to see what was the matter.  I got there first and (with my Jeddi sensory techniques) figured out that a leg was broken and that there was something wrong with his face.  I soon found out, however, that the answer to the latter part of my investigation was just a scowl on his face and a glare in my direction. 
He went to the emergency room and I was hustled to the back of the circus to wait for the manager to have a chance to "speak with me."

The manager asked me what I was doing with a lawn chair in the middle of the ring and why didn't I use those nice bleachers that everybody else was happy with?  I told him that my friend was being a clown and I wanted to take a video.  He asked why I needed to come down there and do it.  I explained that my friend was a CIRCUS clown.  Light dawned on his face but he still wasn't happy.  He was also amazed that I had managed to get my lawn chair past the people at the door.  I explained that I was a Jeddi knight. BIG mistake.  That made him all the more mad.  So, he made me work on cleaning the circus equipment for the next few days to pay for the hospital bill.  Boy did he work me hard!  Hon wasn't any help either.  He just sat around in MY lawn chair watching me scrub the bars of the lion cage and saying periodically, "Hey!  You missed a spot."

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