Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One more thing?????

My life is full right now.  This is obvious...  What with working in the circus full time job as a dieting coach for our football team...and still trying to figure out an answer to the Solos' hairy dilemma with their wookee staff I have been overloaded!
NOW Padmae wants to throw another thing on me!  She wants me to take another class.  I say ANOTHER because I took a bungee jumping class last year and the year before that I took ballet.  Bleah.  That wasn't fun!
Anyway, now she wants me to take a class on (get this)............  


WHAAAAAA??????  I won't be able to STAND that!  All those men wearing tights and those women in dresses with hoop skirts larger than a couch.  The dresses, not the women.  Sheesh!  I'm already having a nervous breakdown.  Another thing I'll hate is all the ridiculous make-up I'll have to wear.  Hon has it better than me!  To be honest, I would rather be a clown...

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