Friday, March 12, 2010

A Hairy Dilemma

Well, now that Hon has a job, he and Lea can move out again.  They are going to rent an apartment in the neighborhood.  Remember before they got married, I mentioned that Chewy and Crunchy were going to be their servants?  Well, now they are moving out and Padmae offered to hire Chewy and Crunchy for them again.  (You know how rich we are!)  Anyway, when they hired the two walking carpets, Chewy mentioned that a cousin of theirs was looking for work.  Lea said she would have to think about that.  They asked us and Padmae said, "Sure, have all the money you need for this."  Butlers are very important to Padmae.
The only problem is that those two are in a small apartment during the day with three, ginormous wookees!  I feel for my poor daughter!

Oh, BTW: Luke finally paid for the repairs to my ship.  He will buy his new one as soon as he can save up for it.

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  1. Poor Luke; struggling to survive in the adult life!