Tuesday, February 2, 2010

His Father's Nerves

Well!  Good news!  Luke GOT THE JOB!!!  His results were, as you remember, a little...unorthodox.  But the manager of the Nabu Lightsabers 'R Us factory said that Luke showed initiative in ordering that Making Lightsabers for Dummies book so quickly and making the two lightsabers in such a short time.  He said that was the mark of a true businessman.  "We...you, ah, probably won't be working on any lightsabers," he mentioned as he turned on the droopy blade, "But you can do something else...like....," he searched for a good, but safe job for everyone concerned, "...DRIVE OUR ARMORED TRUCK!"
Wow!  Lucky Luke!  I've always wanted to drive one of those!  It's the armored truck that they use to deliver lightsabers to different clients.  Why do they need an armored truck?  It's not because lightsabers are pricey, but because you have to have a "Lightsaber Weilding License" to purchase one and Space Pirates used to periodically raid the Lightsabers 'R Us trucks and get these deadly weapons.
Well, it's good that Luke got this job.  It pays well and he should get his new ship in no time!  Whew...


  1. Awesome...I wish I had my own lightsaber license. Sounds like fun...

  2. It is...when Master Obi-Won isn't constantly warning me about "be careful!" and "it's a tool. Not a toy!"