Monday, April 12, 2010


Saturday is my stepfather's birthday.  (Clegg Lars)  Padmae and I, if you will remember, have this deal where she pays from her abundant wealth for any birthday present I find and I find the birthday present.  This works pretty well for everyone except the women.  They are IMPOSSIBLE to buy for!
I figure I'm pretty safe with Clegg.  I'll probably buy him a paint job for his wheelchair or a new tie or something....
But I have to pick whatever I buy soon because I have to send it by parcel post.  (Padmae will pay whatever is necessary for a present, but she refuses to pay the (in her words) "ungodly shipping prices of today.")

Saturday is also Hon's second appearance as a clown.  I don't think I will go this time taking into consideration what happened last time...

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