Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Broken Vase

Last night was my second THEATRE & DRAMA class.  It didn't go too bad.  Ms. Glopinshorfindal asked for a demonstration of my ballerino talents.  I gave them one.  I think I merely took their breath away!  I was so good that she asked me to get off of the stage before I finished my demonstration.  Ms. Glopinshorfindal also told me that she I needn't pay for the broken vase.  Wow!  But right after that she begged me to get off of the stage.  Anyway, she seemed grateful for the demonstration but for some reason, was very interested in moving along in the class.  After the broken vase, she taught us more animatedly then ever.
Last night I didn't learn too much about THEATRE & DRAMA, but I did learn that if you want to keep your instructors happy with you, you shouldn't break anything too early on in the class.

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