Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Last night was my first THEATRE & DRAMA class.  It didn't stink too bad.  All they did was role call.  Then the teacher introduced herself to us as Ms. Glopinshorfindal.  (I'm sure that there is an accent mark somewhere in there, I just can't remember where.)  She also asked if we had any skills that might come in handy in a THEATRE & DRAMA class.  A couple of people said that they had acted snow white or a leprechaun in some play in third grade.  The teacher already looked tired.  I guess she heard things like this in every class she did.  She then asked if we had any other skills OTHER than acting.  One guy said that he knew how to grill burgers and that his mom was known to say, "They're pretty good...if ashes are part of your regular diet."
I though Ms. Glopinshorfindal was going to faint now.  Then someone in the back said, "It IIIIIS Anikin!  Hey, Ms. Glopinshorfindal, Anikin here can do ballet!"
I looked at the speaker and I couldn't recognize her.  Then I remembered!  She had been family of one of my ballet classmates at the recital.  She had been in the crowd and had come to watch.
The teacher looked very gratified.  She called me up front for an example.  She said, "THIS is an example of a skill that might be useful in acting."
She thanked us all and everybody left...but me.  I had AFTER CLASS DETENTION!  Nah...I think she just wanted to congratulate me on being an example for the rest of the class.  Unfortunately, I have a feeling I will continue to be "an example" all through the rest of this "THEATRE & DRAMA" class!


  1. I wish I could do theatre and drama! Man! That would be fun. Do you have to do skits like "Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou, Romeo?" (:

  2. well, I HOPE not. Maybe I could be a guard or something with a lightsaber.

    Anway, I would hate to be Romeo.

  3. Me too. And you would be fit to play Juliet...let's just say that was a bad idea anyway...