Friday, April 9, 2010

In a Pickle!

Not only that, but I will probably have to eat greens for the next couple of days!  I have........ah..........neglected to mention the fact that Padmae has been getting steadily more irritated with my increase in weight gain lately.  It has been for our football team, but she still hasn't been happy.  She was upset when I broke the couch, crabby when I popped the tire on my ship, but she was livid with anger when on Wednesday morning she had to call the fire department because I got stuck in our front door.  I was late for a Jeddi council meeting. Thankfully, the Jeddi temple doors are larger than ours.
Anyway, when I got back, Padmae wouldn't let me in.  She called through the window that if I ever wanted to get back inside, she suggested that I lose some calories.  She also mentioned that this was the end of our football team.
So I have been eating at Frank's Greens Market 3 times a day and running around the neighborhood in my spare time.  I would take advantage of the Jeddi temple dorms but I would get stuck in those doors too.  They are kinda small.  Obi-Won loaned me his laptop today so that I could write a post.
Anyway, the Sithes, the Wookees, the Bounty Hunters, the Gunguns, and the Storm Troopers are mad at us.  They halfheartedly attempted a couple of football games in our absence, but, to quote darth Sideous, "It not the same without those #$%^^#+@!$# Jeddi!"
I hope to be able to fit into the door within a couple of days (I can lose weight fast when I want to.)
Master Obi-Won, if you remember, didn't gain more than a couple of pounds and thusly can still fit in the shower.  So he has become our new dieting coach.  We will begin to lose poundage now.
Ugh.  Just to think, this was all the fault of our front door.  I should have thought ahead when we were building our house and ordered it a couple of sizes larger!

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