Friday, April 2, 2010

I feel like an April Fool...

Yesterday was April Fool's day.  For those of you who took advantage of this wonderful opportunity of meanly tricking those you love, I am happy for you.  I however, was not on my toes yesterday.  The Jeddi at the Jeddi temple take April Fool's day very seriously.  Or...maybe not SERIOUSLY but they definitely enjoy it!
Obi-Won decided to switch our seats in the Jeddi temple.  All Jeddi sit the same place but each person has tailor made seats to fit their size and dimensions.  Master Yoduh has a small one and Master Ki-Adi-Mundee's is really tall.  Anyway, we had to get our seats fixed up to fit the new dimensions that we have acquired ever since starting this fattening diet for our football team.  Well, Master Obi-Won, strangely, has been staying pretty slim all through this.  I have been after him to eat more sweets (as I am the dieting coach) but he won't listen to me.  For some reason, against all odds, he is losing weight!  Anyway, he switched our seats and then he sat down in my big one.  Sure it was probably uncomfortable, but well worth the show I gave the whole Jeddi council when I came in for our daily meeting!
I waltzed in to the room, expecting nothing.  Then I sat down in my place.  I neglected to notice that master Obi-Won was sitting in a chair that you could have had a ballroom dance on.  But then, I was too busy trying to squeeze all my belongings into the chair.  I would manage to get the sides of my stomach between the arms, but then my stomach and my eyes would bulge out because of the strain.  I tryed for half an hour while the rest of the council watched in bewilderment.  Finally, I raised my hand.  Master Wendu said politely, "Yes, what is it Anikin?"
I said, "I think there is something wrong with my chair..."
Master Obi-Won had begun snorting half way through Act I and II of my experience and finally at this punchline of mine, he burst into giggles of rapturous joy.  I looked at him and for the first time noticed that he was sitting in a chair with A S carved into the side.  THAT WAS MY CHAIR!  Grrrrrr!   I glared at him and he jumped out of that chair like greased lightning.  I traded the chairs out and thumped down in mine with a grunt of disapproval.  I should be more prepared for these things...

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  1. There's always a next year for tricks like that on Master Obi-won...