Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hon Could Never Be a Jeddi........But One Can Try!

I have come up with a plan for tomorrow.  (Remember, I broke my arm and tomorrow is the big surprise attack/taser sword battle with the sithes?)  Well, it occurred to me that all one needs to know about lightsaber fighting is how to do the acrobatic moves, how use the force, and how to do the lightsaber moves.  Since I can't go to the battle, I can send a proxy.  HON SOLO!  He has learned all the acrobatic moves at the circus and I can give him a crash course on avoiding--and perhaps using a little bit of--force powers.  During the battle, I will watch from the bleachers (we are having our battle in the Nabu High School Football Stadium) and give him instructions through a headpiece he will wear.  These instructions will include helpful remarks as well as beneficial criticism on how his force powers are being used.  Also I will tell him when to use various sword fighting techniques and when to go into the defensive position (i. e., running for cover!)

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