Friday, February 19, 2010

"Multiple Uniform Issues..."

I really don't have anything to write about except the fact that the Jeddi have been working our rear ends off to try to get this football team working.  I've been having to get into shape which you know is something I DON'T like!  Also, the Jeddi Council crowned me "Head Uniform Manager."  I felt pretty good...until today.  I've been having multiple issues with uniforms.  First of all, we have this really chunky jeddi named Briingluy Aft.  When I say chunky I mean CHUNKY!  We tried to get him a jersey, but none would fit him (not even the XXXXXXL).  And that's not even TRYING to get him pants.  So he insists on wearing work clothes to practice (because he doesn't want to soil any good ones.)  One of his work outfits that he has a certain liking for is a t-shirt advirtising the "Purple Rabbits Soccer Team."  He said he got it free at one of his niece's soccer practices (it seems that he really supported the team's food bar.)  I don't know about the other jeddi but I'm not a huge fan of having a 340 pound "Purple Rabbit" running beside me.  It's bad for my image.  Anyway, we can't get rid of him because of his weight.  He's a very useful tackler if you know what I mean.  He almost smashed several sithes in the game last Saturday.  So since we can't get rid of him and we can't clothe him like the manly football player that he is...we'll just have to bear the brunt of the jokes like men.

I am also having TONS of issues with master Ki-Adi-Mundee.  He's VERY helpful in the uniform area, and very fit.  But I can't seem to find a helmet to fit his doubly smart noggin.  His head is as tall as two of mine and that's saying a lot!  Ugh...all this stress is giving me a headache.  I'd better go take a rest before plunging head first into the supermarkets to look for uniform odds and ends.

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  1. A football team?!!!? AWESOME! Perhaps you need to suggest another strategy to the jeddi council...recruit some help in the uniform department!