Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Super Big "Oops"!

Rats!  I made a huge mistake in my "evil plan for fast food domination."  I brought the special recipe for the Lightsaber Cafe burger to McDukoo's.  But since I didn't want to make it there (some cooks might be watching) I brought the premade burgers in a cooler and told everyone that I had gotten a little ahead for that day.  They all bought it and I put out those special burgers with a little advertisement.  Unfortunately though, the burgers that I had gotten were about 3 Million years past their due dates.  So all our customers got sick and now the Lightsaber Cafe is getting bad publicity.  All this is because of one jeddi who forgot to check the label on some premade burgers.  Let this be a warning to everyone out there: check your best by dates!
Anyway, it's obvious that I was fired.  Now I am going to have a meeting with the Jeddi council (probably to get a good lecture.)

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