Thursday, June 24, 2010

12 Jeddi on the Lake

Today we had our Jeddi fishing trip.  It went alright.  We split up in four canoes.  Master Wendu, Master Yoduh, and I were in one together.  If you think that that sounds like a recipe for disaster, you are perfectly correct.  Master Wendu and I don't exactly think alike, so our canoe spun around for about 23 minutes before we finally shot it towards the middle of the lake where the water is most abundant.  Master Yoduh, being an old LGM and all, didn't do much rowing.  He just gathered all the bait and put it on our hooks for us.  When we got to the middle of the lake, all the Jeddi were catching magnificent fish and I was dying to try my luck.  But I had a secret plan.  I happen to know, after feeding all the fish in Watow's shop (he had them to entertain customers while he cheated them) that fish LOVE donuts.   It doesn't matter if they get wet.  Fish of all varieties love these fried beauties.  So I scrounged up a quarter donut under the sand at the edge of the lake earlier today and then while on the canoe, I took it out of my pocket and put my hook and bait (oh what bait!) in the water.
It appears that fish of all varieties have a deep liking for donuts.  Unfortunately, the bigger ones happen to get to any major attraction first.  We had a fish the size of master Yoduh in the boat with us within 30 seconds!  He had about 60 teeth I could shave with and the meanest eyes this side of Hades!
He was so big and for those who don't know, you can ONLY have 3 people in a canoe or else it will topple over.  And topple it did!
Master Wendu was in shock and was especially afraid because he has aquaphobia and (apparently) a phobia of large fish.  Master Ki-Adi-Mundee's canoe with Plo-Koon and Master Obi-Won in it came over and helped us get our canoe situated properly.
I think that something nibbled me down there because my toes have teeth marks.  Anyway, that is the last time I spend a perfectly good Thursday on the lake!

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