Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Big Outdoors.

Yesterday was the first day in our "Jeddi Camping/Survival Trip" as we have come to call it after yesterday's events.  It started out okay.  Except for me having to carry master Yoduh because of his arthritis, we all felt pretty good.  We had all 12 of the Jeddi council members (plus Luke) on the trip.  Each of us was told to bring some necessities of life for the first day.  After that, we would try to find all the provisions in the forest.  (We are camping in the Itchy, Dark, Dank, and Prickly Forest of Nabu's north.  I know it's a long name but don't look at me!  Anyway, forests aren't exactly plentiful on Coriscaunt, so we had to come to my neighborhood.)
Siri was told to bring the tents.  Obi Won was in charge of the fire making tools.  Yoduh was in charge of bringing flashlights for everyone.  We didn't need weapons because (as I remember mentioning more than 8 times) every Jeddi with a brain the size of a lima bean or bigger is sure to bring his lightsaber everywhere.
I was in charge of bringing food for the first day.  After that, we would catch and kill every thing we needed.  We'll see how that works!
I brought Twinkies.  I think they are very nutritious and give one that necessary energy boost that will enable us to complete this survival trip.  For some reason, everybody complained about being hungry and I suspect that after I went to sleep, someone went out and killed a couple of wild pizzas or something.  Why?  Well, because the next morning I found pizza boxes under Ki-Adi-Mundee's sleeping bag.

                         ----------------- 30 Minutes Later -------------------

This is hilarious! was at first.  Master Wendu just found out he forgot his lightsaber!  Remember what I said yesterday?  Well, I reminded everyone of this and we all had a good laugh.  But I think I laughed too hard because Master Wendu made me clean the dishes tonight.  Rats.

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