Saturday, June 19, 2010

Obstacle Course Of Course

Yep.  It was very exciting.  Master Wendu set up walls for us to climb over.  He also strung a rope across the lake that we would have to crawl on. 
Master Obi-Won found an abandoned picnic basket and we all ate hearty for breakfast!  The fried chicken was a little stale but nevertheless, it tasted better than any wild turkey or mongoose we could have killed.  Unfortunately, I had more of the picnic delicacies than anyone else and I had a hard time climbing up the wall.  Master Ki-Adi-Mundee helped me out and then we moved on to the rope.  Everyone made it across except me.  My weight caught up with my muscles about half-way across and I kerplunked in the middle of the lake.  It wouldn't have been so bad if the snapping turtles in that area weren't so aggressive!
Then we moved on to a race Master Wendu had set up.  It appears this is what took him so long yesterday.  He made these traps that could fit a whole man and then covered them up with a thin layer of sticks and leaves.  All the other Jeddi went so fast that when they got to the traps, they went right over them.  Master Wendu wasn't disappointed, however.  Mr. Fried-Chicken-Belly fell into about half of them.  2 hours later, when I got past the obstacle (and the rest of the Jeddi council had a good laugh) we moved on to the final test: standing on a ledge over the lake and having a Jeddi council member catch you.  This was the true test of trust in other members of the council.  We would be pushed off the edge by Master Wendu and then someone would catch us.  Everybody was caught and saved from a wet landing.  I, however, wasn't so lucky.  Master Wendu pushed me off, I landed into Plo-Koon's arms and he was embraced heartily by the cold waters of the lake.  Apparently, picnic food isn't the lightest stuff in the world.
I don't know what we will do today, but I hope it will be a little less...tiring..........

BTW: Some may be wondering how I can write posts when I wasn't allowed to bring any electronics on this trip.  Well, I smuggled a cell phone into my backpack.  Master Wendu found it yesterday, but I told him that I only use it for posts.  He didn't seem to mind.......

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