Monday, June 14, 2010

Where Does He Get These Ideas?

I'm back!  I took a break from my blog for two reasons.  1) Nothing was really happening.  2) Padmae was threatening to take me off my blog if I didn't help her around the house.  So I figured that getting off would help settle things down.
Anyway, Master Wendu came up with a great plan yesterday.  He said that he had been noticing some rifts between Jeddi as of late (no, really?) and told us he wanted us to do something.  He said that he had been visiting Lights Out Electrics the other day complaining about a bill he received.  After he worked it out with the associate, he chatted a little and found that they were going on a office trip this weekend.  They were going to camp out in the woods and their boss was going to make an obstacle course for them to go through.  They would need to work together to get past it and it was going to build a little office support.  He said that we should do that.
Hmm...I wonder how this will turn out.

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