Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Unexpected Surprise

While this title may sound redundant, it....is.  But I sometimes feel that redundancy is needed for emphasis.  Master Siri has hired me to watch the security videos of the library to find out if any books have been stolen lately.  They haven't, but as the video's come with sound, I have found a lot of different things...some I wish I didn't know.
I found out that Master Yoduh and Master Wendu are currently arguing about the former's need to be in a nursing home....in several centuries or so.  Master Yoduh's conviction is that he will be just as spry at 1300 years old as he is at 300.  I will see how this one pans out.
I also found that Kid Fisto has a crush on Luminaura.  Master Ki-Adi-Mundee is counseling him.  It appears that perhaps we may soon have another Jeddi to blaze the trail of mixing matrimony and the ways of a jeddi.  Again, I will elaborate as I learn more.
One more thing that I found out is that Master Obi-Won is fixing up a deal with a Miracle Hair Grow company to help them with their advertising campaign.  As his hair is falling out, they figured he would be perfect.  Jeddi are not supposed to have attachment, but Master Obi is rather attached to his hair.  He figures this would be a great way to get some free Miracle Hair Grow (which happens to cost an arm and a leg at retail price.)
I didn't know I would find such a wealth of entertainment just from taking the boring job of watching the security cameras.  This is fun!

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  1. Lots of information! I hope no one finds out that we know this stuff.