Monday, February 1, 2010

Disappointing Results...AGAIN!

Luke finished his second lightsaber yesterday.  Remember?  He's trying to get this job at the Lightsabers 'R Us factory?  Unfortunately...he forgot something else.  But, out of a sliver of hope that the owner of the Nabu Lightsabers 'R Us factory will have pity on him, he's going to bring his results to him later today.

I am heartbroken.  I sure hope he gets this job and saves for a new ship soon!  I am getting nervouser and nervouser.  I think my ability to use adverbs is suffering.  At least that's what Padmae tells me...

Oh, BTW: Today I have compiled the results for my readers' top five favorite posts for 2009!  Just look on the sidebar!


  1. OH my chubby dog got second! That is pretty good. I'm keeping a list for next years fave contest.

  2. Great! Haha! I am looking foward to hearing from you!

  3. I oughta do that! 2009 was kinda hard for me to decide...all of the posts were hilarious!!!

  4. Yeah. I don't know about that one with Fuzzy causing trouble. You know, I didn't think it all that funny, yet it was still picked as the number one funniest post for 2009. Good grief! :/