Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Jeddi At Lightsabers 'R Us...Interesting...

Luke applied for a job at Lightsabers 'R Us yesterday.  This is interesting!  You know how we Jeddi buy all our lightsabers from Lighsabers 'R Us because they had better prices than Jeddi Mart and Guns, Ammo and Beyond.  Well, the manager of our store said that he would give Luke the job - if he could make a lightsaber by himself within a week.  Some of you may be scoffing at the idiocy of this manager, but we Jeddi don't know how to make lightsabers!  Mr. Lucas, as brilliant as he is, didn't want to put that part in the movie.  He pretended we made all our lightsabers!  Luke went to Ask Yoduh (.com) and found that the book entitled Making Lightsabers for Dummies was really cheap.  He ordered overnight shipping and will start working on his lightsaber tomorrow.  He'd better get on the ball!  He only has until next Monday!

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