Friday, January 29, 2010

I Had No Idea...

This morning...disappointment struck like lightning on a sunny morning.  Luke and I got up excited and ready to look at his lightsaber.  He; because he wanted the job and buy a new ship, and me; because I wanted him to GET the job and buy a new ship so he won't have to borrow mine!  We went into the garage.  He picked up the handle and flicked it on.  The blade shot out, flickered, and flopped dejectedly.  Luke growled, "AAAUUUUGH!  I forgot the YEAST!" 


I had no idea YEAST went into lightsabers.  But, for my innocence's sake, I didn't ask what else he put in there.  There are some things that are just better to leave untold.  He has just enough days to start another one and finish it before Monday (which is when he turns his final concoction in.)  He'd better not goof again or else I will die of a heart attack and/or overused nerves.  Wait!  Can you die from overstressed nerves?!?!?  SEE?!  It's already happening!

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  1. Wow! interesting...I guess one learns something everyday! Especially on THIS blog!