Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Master Ki-Adi-Mundee's Graduation

Today we are having a special meeting at the council. Master Ki-Adi-Mundee is graduating to a general. He is a master already, but he is becoming a general as well (like Master Obi-Won). For this he will get a diploma. (Becoming a general is a big event because it concerns the whole rebel force. Which would explain you not getting a diploma at your graduation, Siri) Needless to say, we will not search for Lea's new ship today because we are all going to this special event.
We are all supposed to bring snacks (and yes Siri): I will bring carrots!


  1. Oh good, you do listen to my advice sometimes. I am going to the graduation also, so i might see you there.

  2. Yeah, I'm happy to take advice when the person is polite about it.

    See you later...

  3. Congratulations, General Mundee!

  4. Boy, everyone in your galaxy was probably there! I should have come, but the price of gas these days... sheesh!

  5. Storm Troop's RoommateAugust 1, 2008 at 12:24 PM

    I agree. My roommate is always saying how for every 100 credits you use on gasoline you should get 30 free miles or something like that.