Monday, July 28, 2008

Helping "Goldilocks"

We are about to leave for the Ford Ship Distribution company.  We are helping Lea buy her new ship.  I don't think we will stay as long there because the ships are not as classy as Lea would like them.  I might take Master Siri's idea, but I think we need to be patient.  Still, if I lose my patience, we will just choose for Lea.  We will give her a good chance to make up her mind, though.  (I think I will warn her; Cadillacs are out of the question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


  1. Hey! I like Fords! We guys prefer "cool" to "classy".

  2. I prefer the old "if-the-radio-or-a/c-is-not-working-
    anyway" kind of ships