Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Bad...

Sorry for neglecting to write a post for so long.  Padmae has been after me day and night (well, actually just day) to do chores so "Mark will feel right at home."
Last night was bowling night (again).  We have 2 more of these classes and then See3P0's joints are officially "loosened up" according to his mechanic.  What I want to know is why can't I be his mechanic?  I mean, I made him and everything.  The mechanic he goes to says I need to take better care of See3 then I have thus far.  (But, come on!  Can't he put WD40 on HIMSELF for a change?  I feel like a dad with a spoiled child...)
Anyway, bowling went great.  I didn't get a strike again, but I probably would have if I hadn't gotten thrown out halfway through our class.  (I found out; those guys at "Heavenly Lanes" don't take to kindly to one accidentally throwing a bowling ball in the direction of their gift shop...)  I hope they'll let me in again next week...
Mark arrives in a couple of hours!!!!  I'm excited!


  1. They will...when they find out this only happens once a week! What are you going to do after Mark gets here? I highly suggest a movie ticket...

  2. nah...I think He'll go right ahead with plan "whoopie cushion..."

  3. Guess what Mark is going to tell his parents? "Mom, Dad, Uncle Anikin is not just nuts like you told me...he's downright nerdy!"

  4. Anyway, wouldn't you have done the same in my shoes?