Monday, October 12, 2009

It's Been Fun

Well, Mark's parents will pick him up tomorrow at 9:00 AM. This has been fun. I think if we ever get together again, we ought to hold a practical joke party and invite all my funloving friends. (But Padmae might be opposed to it. She says that I was a very bad example while he was here.) Anyway, yesterday we had our last big practical joke battle. I decided that my whoopie cushion wasn't powerful enough a prank for this occasion. So I went to the store to look for the following three supplies so I could make my own practical joke: rope, a hose, and an automatic door opener. Here is what I did; Mark had decided to go with Luke (since Luke is commuting between the Space Academy and our house, he gets to be home on the weekends) to watch a movie. Luke had gone to bring the ship around and Mark was "fixing up his hair." So I had only 5 minutes to set the thing up. I tied the rope across the floor 7 feet from the door. I had already set up the automatic door opener for Mark. Then I went outside and sprayed water all over the dirt in front of our front door. Mark came running down the stairs (he was late) and flew over the rope. The automatic door opener recognized his hairdo flying in its direction at the speed of 130 mph and opened the door out of pure fright. Mark flew headlong out into the muddy area I had just created. He got up, brushed himself off (as well as he could) and walked back inside for a change of clothes. I, laughing, went into the garage to feed Dood for the morning while Luke waited patiently in the ship.
As I opened the garage door, I had the strange sensation of something slimy and disgusting enveloping me. I looked up and saw that Mark (or somebody else. He is my best guess) had set up a bucket of some homemade goo to fall on whomever came into the garage first. That boy really likes goo! Anyway, he has my respect. He was taking quite a chance that Padmae might have gone into the garage before me and that would have definitely ended our fun!


  1. That is awesome! You two are quite a pair...

  2. yeah! no joke!

  3. I'd like to know what Mark's parents think of all this...