Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Deadly Souvenir

Last night was our second-to-last bowling night. I'm going to miss these. They have brought a lot of extra color into my normally dull life (sarcasm.) Anyway, all went well. I didn't turn the Heavenly Lanes Gift Shop into a mountain of shattered glass like last time. And since I wasn't thrown out prematurely this time, I was able to do very well. I actually got a score of 96 last night! No strikes, but who can complain?!
So, since I was feeling so good about it, I decided to buy a souvenir from the gift shop. I bought a humongous, fire-engine red bowling ball. I believe it weighs nigh on to 29 lbs, but that is just my opinion. Anyway, on the way home from Heavenly Lanes, I was unwisely carrying this prize and driving our ship at the same time. (Mr. "Stiff-joints" isn't able to drive) Suddenly, I noticed that the traffic light in front of our ship was yellow and bound to turn red at any moment. I slammed on the brakes and then the bowling ball decided to travel in the direction of my feet. My toes are really sore right now and I am developing what looks like the beginning of the largest bruise in history! I don't think bowling is for me.


  1. Bowling balls have a hard time with you...one got smashed into the window of the shop and so your new one wanted to get revenge...

  2. yeah...your first bowling ball tattled to his bigger brother!

  3. Poor little Anikin...