Monday, September 13, 2010

New Plan

Lately I have been counseling Kid-fisto to use the direct approach: buy Luminarah flowers.  But this time, I'm going to try the smooth approach, since that is far more sophisticated (and Luminarah is all tired of flowers with weird bits of poetry on them.)  The smooth approach is managing to get Luminarah in danger and having Kid-fisto save her!  I consider it completely brilliant!  So yesterday I went to the Sithe Superstore and I bought a couple of refurbished battle droids.  They cost me a fortune but maybe Kid-fisto won't be too hard on them and I can put them in my room or something.  Anyway, later on in the day, Luminarah was going on her daily walk in the park.  I was hiding in the bushes.  I turned on my droids and let them go.  I had made sure that Luminarah did not have a lightsaber on before I did so.  The droids began shooting their stun guns at her and here came Kid-fisto swinging on a rope like Tarzan.  He let go at the wrong moment and went flying into the midst of the droids.  While he was untangling himself (and getting stunned all over the place) Luminarah came in with her umbrella, wielding it like a lightsaber, and knocked those battle droids silly!  Kid-fisto went home a defeated (and numb) man.  I guess I can still recycle the remains of those droids...

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