Monday, September 6, 2010

It Fits Me, I Must Say

Well, we're back!  That was an exciting vacation!  Already things are getting hectic back here!
As you know, Kid-Fisto has a crush on Luminarah.  Well, Ki-Adi-Mundee has decided that it is a hopeless case.  (One of the things Mr. Lucas goofed on in making the movies was that Jeddi are not forbidden to marry, they are just not encouraged to as it normally doesn't work out.  Jeddi tend to be workaholics.)  Ki-Adi-Mundee gave up Kid because Luminarah is a serious Jeddi with no intention of living the rest of her life with a man...especially if he is Kid-Fisto; the poor guy isn't overly bright.
Anyway, a person with my charm has this kinda thing down.  I have now taken the job of counseling him.  Wish me luck!

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