Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Everbody Loves Flowers!

Well, as you know, Kid-Fisto wants me...okay, LET me counsel him in his love affair with Luminarah.  Unfortunately, this is unrequited love.  Luminarah doesn't seem to notice that he exists!  Don't worry, the old Anikin charm will fall into place to help Kiddo!  I suggested that he buy her flowers.  He thought it was a good idea.  So yesterday, we sent her a bunch of daffodils with a note: "From a secret friend you don't know you got, Luminarah, I like you a lot!"
That bit of beautiful poetry was my doing.  Maybe I should become a poet!
Kid-Fisto wasn't too excited about it, but I told him that the poetry would just hit the spot!  I didn't know how much...I saw Luminarah throw them in the garbage later and mumble something like, "It must be a prank."  Women do react strangely to charm sometimes...

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