Friday, September 3, 2010

Busy Vacation so far

We got here late Tuesday morning.  I know, I know.  That means it took us a total of 18 hours to get to the beach.  A normally 3 hour trip (by speeder) we took 6 TIMES that amount because of Hon!
Okay...let me elaborate.  The whole crew of us guys started a little late because Obi-Won suggested that we go to Jeddi Mart before we started.  He said that he forgot his umbrella and the girls would look pretty silly if a hurricane came through while we were there and they didn't have umbrellas!
I didn't mention that umbrellas wouldn't be a very sturdy protection against hurricanes, so we humored him.  Then, we got started.  Everything was going dandy until we got to this fork in the road.  (Don't make a joke about picking it up...Master Quigone wore that one out...)
Hon had Wendoogled it and he said that we should take a left.  I said that that was impossible because my GPS said we needed to go right!  He was adamant, but I, being the driver, made the executive decision and went right.
Of course, we got lost.  I kept trying to follow my GPS but I think the poor deary was lost!  She had no idea where she was going!  (I think I may need to get that thing repaired!)  Anyway, I kept saying we should have taken a left and I kept retorting sarcastic things in return.  Then Master Obi-Won called out, "Dinner time!"
We went through the drive thru of a McDukoo's (don't tell Wendu) and continued to drive.
Hon asked if I would give him a try at driving.  I asked if he thought he knew more than a seasoned Jeddi.  He said, "Just gimme the wheel!"  So while we were switching places Chewy spilled his Diet Jawa Juice because of Hon climbing over him.  (Don't tell Wendu that either.  These are the Jeddi buses.  I'll have to get it steam cleaned.)
We drove and drove around and then we finally decided to go back to the fork and start by going left.
It looked like we were going the right way when Obi-Won noticed that we were passing the McDukoo's we had stopped at before.  He called out, "Breakfast time everybody!"  (I think the owner of that franchise was delighted at the influx of business!)  We ordered Chewy water this time.
We got back on the road and finally arrived at the beach at 10:00 AM.  I had to rest for a couple of days.  I thought vacations were supposed to be restful!  But thanks to Master Quigone's jokes about forks, my bad GPS, Hon for a navigator, Obi-Won with a constantly increasing appetite, and a Wookee with bad hands, I have had a very eventful "vacation" already!  The moral of the story is: never carpool with this many people...

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