Monday, December 28, 2009

Yeah. It started out kinda sad...

Okay. I'm now awake enough to tell about how our trip to Owen's went. First of all, I got in deep trouble with Padmae because I tried my fake snake practical joke on Mark as soon as I got in the door. The reason I got in trouble was not because I was doing a practical joke on Mark, but because Mark wasn't allowed to do them anymore because his parents heard (a little bird named Padmae had let it slip) about all the practical jokes he did on me while he was over here. I didn't know about this, but Padmae (who regularly emails Beroo) knew all about it. Females can confuse me sometimes. Padmae expected me to know all about this. Anyway...after my fake snake was absconded, the rest of the trip had a cloud of shame and disappointment hanging over it (at least for me. I think the rest of my family was sorely tempted to dance for joy...including Mark.)

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