Friday, December 4, 2009

Brain's Triumph over Poodles yet again!

Crunchy finished up the lights on our roof. They look awesome!!! However, he will not leave our service because I am hiring him to do my chores this week. After that, I'll be broke...and sunk. I will still have to find a way to get out of my chores for the next 3 weeks...

Anyway, I finally had enough of Fuzzy getting in my way, so I came up with a plan that is "humane" yet effective in getting annoying pets out of the room. And I put it into effect yesterday. What I did was go on the web and find a realistic sound effect of an angry cat. I put it onto an audio cd and brought the stereo into our bedroom. When I started working on the ceiling, sure enough, Fuzzy came in to do his daily jog. I used my force powers to push play on the stereo while not moving a muscle. Fuzzy, as usual started getting in my way when suddenly, an obviously humongous cat hissed and growled. (I had accidentally left the stereo on the highest volume because last night I had been listening to our Jammin' Jeddi song) Fuzzy, stopped jogging, looked around, and immediately ran out of the room faster than I have ever been able to run...even with my force powers. The dumb dog thought it was actually a real cat! (Don't tell Padmae what I called her favorite pet...) As of yet, he hasn't done any jogging in our bedroom. I do hear some soft padding in the next room over, though. So I think I can safely assume he is done bothering me, for now!

1 comment:

  1. Great idea! However, it would have added to the effect if you had created a hologram of a realistic cat! Man, that dog would leave you alone for life!