Thursday, December 10, 2009


MWAHAHAHA! Oops, I didn't mean that to come out sounding that evil.
I am, however, very happy! I managed to get out of the rest of chores. Crunchy is done with the first week. He finished yesterday. And I still hadn't figured out a way to avoid my second week...or third or fourth weeks. But, as I was about to get out my duster and vacuum, I came up with a brilliant plan. As Luke is home from the Space Academy for the Holidays (and being completely unhelpful), I figured I could use him. Do you readers remember how, back in September last year I bought Luke a video game for his birthday? Well, as of yet, I have let him use my xbox for playing it. He is still addicted to the game, so I banned him from my xbox...unless he did my chores for the rest of the month. His face fell when I told him this and I thought he would call my bluff and not do it. But he gave in and signed a contract. Addiction never fails! He did, however, say, "I'll only sign up for one week. We can talk about the weeks after that."
So he signed it. Unfortunately, though, Padmae found out about it and told me off for being such a self-centered father. She couldn't make me do the chores for this week, though, because Luke signed up for them. I felt kinda bad too, so I offered to take them from Luke. But he has accepted this martyr attitude. He said that he signed it, so he HAS to do the chores. Well, that's his choice! On my part, I now only have two more weeks of chores!


  1. I knew you were rude...but this is too much!

  2. Poor Luke...and on Christmas vacation, too! But I have to say, that was quite an interesting brainstorm...maybe not as brilliant as the first week...