Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy All Around!

Crunchy and I have made a deal about the hole he made in our bedroom ceiling.  As he is a handyman, I was going to hire him to repair it, but Padmae had other ideas...  After that hole, she wants him to leave asap!  So, I used my large mental resources and came up with an awesome plan!  I asked Padmae if she would hire me to repair the ceiling.  I'm pretty good at that!  And yes, she JUMPED at the chance!  So, I'm using the money that I will earn from this job and transferring it to the hands of Crunchy.  Now wait. Before you deem me extraordinarily generous, let me finish!  I am hiring Crunchy, with this money, to finish my chores this week!  After that, I will only have THREE weeks of chores to do.  And it would be awesome if I could worm my way out of those too!


  1. Great idea! I guess Padmae didn't think Christmas would be happy with that swimming pool-size hole in the ceiling...

  2. slacker anikin, that is your new name.

  3. Not anymore; he's coming up with a Christmastime project...or at least...that's what I thought it was...