Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dangerous Business!

Yep. Christmas shopping is deadly! I went shopping yesterday and the stores were PACKED! At Jeddi Mart, trying to get out of the way of one scary woman twice as tall as me, I nearly ran over a little old man with a cane and almost knocked the Miracle Hair Grow kit out of his hand! It's crazy! I did come away with some gifts (but I won't tell you what is contained in their colorful, plastic boxes because my family reads this blog!)
I did, however, buy two things for myself. I know, I know! I'm breaking that age old rule not to buy anything near to Christmas. But the sales on stereos were so good... I couldn't help myself! I needed to buy a new one anyway because Fuzzy destroyed our old one over the weekend. He, for some reason, still thinks that it is a square, fur-less cat! I hold to the strong conviction that poodles are the dumbest dogs ever!
The second thing I bought for myself was a new Jeddi robe. I must be getting slow in my old age. Or maybe that lady was just faster than I was... At any rate, you now know why I needed a new suit! She ran me over.


  1. Gives you an excuse to buy the latest jeddi guy styles, right?

  2. Frivolous spender that is what Anikin is.

  3. Uh-uh...with excuses, of course...