Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Christmas Presents I got for everbody...

I got Padmae hair curlers.  (Her poodle broke her last set!)  I got Luke his own video game console (he will be going to the Space Academy next year!).  I got Lea a new bumper for her car (she had a fender bender!).
We had a gift exchange at the Jeddi temple.  I got Master Wendu.  So I bought him a huge pack of drumsticks.
I'll bet you are wondering how I was able to afford all this stuff.  Well, since Padmae has been buying all the birthday presents all year long (we have a deal where I pick the present and she pays for it) I have been able to save up my meager earnings as a Jeddi for Christmas.
We are having a New Year's party at our house on New Year's Eve.  I'm making a chocolate cake!  (Hey!  What makes you think I won't get a piece?!)))

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  1. I LOVE the XBOX! I played with it ever since I got it!I even plugged it into the ship and played with it on the way back from Uncle Owen's!