Friday, December 5, 2008

It Just Occurred to me...

I am quite put out! Do all of my readers remember when Luke and Lea had their birthdays? They were more than a month apart!!! Now everyone knows that they are twins, right? So it was all a practical joke played on me by my whole family (including extended) to see if I would believe what Padmae said, or try to think logically. Well! Now I know I must do the latter because trusting Padmae is not always the best idea! So this is a warning to all you guys out there: keep a calender! Mark all birthdays and special events on it! Thankfully, I haven't yet forgotten our anniversary (which is in April)! (I gotta go right now and buy a calender for 2009!!!)


  1. I am terrible at remembering birthdays!

  2. i'm okay. it's just getting the creativity for buying presents that I am bad at!