Monday, December 29, 2008

Alright! Now my life can get back to "normal"...

Christmas is over! I mean, I love Christmas and all, but now no more unexpected travels and such. That is why I didn't write a post for a whole week. Because we were at my brother Owen's house for Christmas. We left on Sunday. I meant to write a post that day, but I forgot. And Padmae said "no excess junk". By "junk" she meant my laptop. Oh well...
Christmas was awesome! I got some shampoo for my hair, some picks for my bass, a thumb drive for my computer, Episode I from Star Wars, a leash for R2, a Wukerfilmydoodle house for my pet, and Padmae got me a tie (rats!). I love all my presents except the tie. Because now, I have a tie for my suit so Padmae can make me wear it. But, anyway, we had a blast a Christmas! Hope you did!


  1. I like this. It is a very funny blog!

  2. I got dad the picks. He said he LOVES them and he will keep it least until it breaks!